Phi Ta Khon is an utterly unique celebration during the Bun Luang Festival, the biggest yearly merit-making ceremony of entertainment, the locals believe that it is also rain-making ceremony.  The most interesting part of the festival is the uniqueness of the costumes. The participants wear a ghost mask, made of a colorful bamboo sticky rice steamer, and dress in a costume made of many pieces of fabric sewn together.

The northeastern region of Thailand is a vast plateau which boasts an abundance of historical sites that tell its prosperous history. The historical attractions are, for example, old Khmer temples, Pha Taem National Park, etc. Besides the rich and exotic culture, the region offers a huge number of strikingly marvelous natural attractions such as strange stone formation in Phu Pha Toeb and various islets in Mekong River. All has impressed millions of tourists from around the world.

Thai Massage

Hi everyone! Have you ever felt any pains or aches on your body while working? Today Sukjai will introduce you to an alternative way of relieving these frustrations — the amazing traditional Thai massage! Sukjai has just tried it and could tell that it was truly incredible!

The knowledge of Thai massage has been passed on from generation to generation for a very long time. It is a unique and fantastic way of easing pains that has pleased people across the globe. Apart from the massage, Thai herbs have also been well-known for their benefits to health. Sukjai will tell you more about Thai herbs when ready!

Talking about Thai massage, the most famous place you can have the best massage experience is at Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha near the magnificent Grand Palace in Bangkok. Wat Pho is the center for traditional Thai medicine. All ancient royal Thai medicine archives are kept here. Besides massage service, the place also provides Thai massage courses for those who are interested.

In addition to Wat Pho, there are also a number of places in Thailand where Thai massage is offered. Most hotels, resorts, and spas in Thailand provide this kind of traditional treatment, so you can get to feel at ease almost anywhere and anytime. If you should find any places that you are impressed with the service please do not forget to share with Sukjai. Now the time is up again. Sukjai promises to bring you the best story next time. See you!


Nakhon Pathom Food, Fruit and Best Products Fair 2012 

January 23 - 29, 2012 Phra Pathom Chedi pagoda temple grounds, Nakhon Pathom city centre

Situated in the fertile agricultural heartlands of the Central Plains, the rural landscape of Nakhon Pathom province is a mosaic of lush fields, orchards and plantations and farmland nurtured by a network of rivers, waterways and irrigation canals.

Blessed with ideal conditions for crop cultivation, farming and fisheries, Nakhon Pathom is the country’s ‘food basket’ and its traditional weekend markets and fairs are very popular destination for food lovers.

The province is famous for its pomelo, guava, fresh young coconuts and mangoes; five-spiced braised ducks (ped pa-lo), braised duck noodles (koey teow ped), aromatic grilled pork satay, Chinese banquets,khao laam – a sticky rice dessert with either a fragrant coconut custard topping or a savoury topping cooked in a bamboo tube, and a host of other delicious local fare.

The annual Nakhon Pathom Food, Fruit and Best Products Fair offers an ideal opportunity to enjoy many of the province’s famous products and shop for the finest quality products at truly irresistible prices.


Thai Fruits
Enjoy the rich flavour of Nakhon Pathom’s tasty fruits, such as pomelo, guava, mango, papaya, melon and grape, freshly-picked from the orchards.

Sips of fragrant fresh young coconut juice or delicately-flavoured guava juice throughout the day will keep you refreshed as you make the tour of the fair grounds. Freshly-picked products from the orchards and plantations will be offered at wholesale prices, so don’t miss the opportunity to shop for fresh fruits to take home with you.


 ‘A Taste of Delicious Local Fare’ 
The Nakhon Pathom Food, Fruit and Best Products Fair is a food-lover’s dream.

In a single stop, visitors will be able to conveniently sample, or indulge in a vast selection of delicious dishes prepared by 50 of the province’s famous restaurants and food stalls. The all-time-favourites include roasted pork rice, braised pork shank rice, Hainan chicken rice, noodles, rice vermicelli served with a selection of curries, meatballs, aromatic grilled pork, Pa-lo five-spice braised duck, agar, coconut agar, ‘chilled bread’, chilli dips, flossed pan-fried pork, and moo paen – paper-thin, crispy over-roasted pork slices and Chinese-style kun chiang sausages.

Shop for Five-Star OTOP Products
Each of the tambon or sub-districts of Nakhon Pathom will be offering a selection of their very best five-star products for sale at the fair. Shopping in Nakhon Pathom offers excellent value-for-money. Products at the fair will be freshly-picked from the orchards and plantations, fresh from the farms, or home-made, and offered at wholesale prices.

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