Asiatique – the Old Bangkok Nostalgia

Looking back in time, do you guys know which road was the first to be built in Bangkok? Time’s up! The answer is… Charoen Krung Road! Charoen Krung Road, running along the eastern side of Chao Phraya River, was the first road built with the European technologies during the reign of King Rama IV. In the past the road was the main line that connected ports and warehouses with the city, which later allowed heavy trade activities between Thailand (Siam at the time) and European countries. Recently, the old warehouse, previously owned by the East Asiatic company, has been renovated and renamed as Asiatique. Asiatique is designed to be a tourist attraction in Bangkok which offers vintage lifestyle of the old Charoen Krung area.

Traveling to Asiatqiue is just a peace of mind. Just take a boat from Tak Sin pier under Saphan Taksin BTS Station and indulge in the placid atmosphere of Chao Phraya River. If you choose to drive, just take Charoen Krung Road and you will find it in no time. Asiatique gathers for you a number of chic restaurants and boutique shops that will bring you back to the old days. For those who have foreign visitors, Sukjai strongly recommend bringing them here!

Asiatique is opening every day from 5 pm until midnight. It starts the service in the evening so that visitors get the chance to appreciate the beautiful sunset by Chao Phraya River. The place has just been available so if you don’t want to fall out of trend, grab a camera and come snap some photos and share with Sukjai! Now Sukjai will have to go. If there happens to be anything interesting coming up Sukjai will bring to you right away! Bye!

9 Temples Tour in Bangkok

Hello everyone! What did you guys do on the Chinese New Year? Today Sukjai is here to recommend you a great trip that will drench you with blessings in this beginning of the year – 9 Temples Tour in Bangkok. Sukjai has just been on the trip last month. Although Sukjai got exhausted, Sukjai still felt it was the most wonderful trip to start within this year.

The first place to go is Bangkok City Pillar Shrine. Many major temples are also located in this area. There are Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, and Wat Chana Songkhram. A lot of people come to the places during the New Year festival to pay homage to the sacred Buddha images, but Sukjai still managed to get some beautiful pictures for you guys. After finishing these places you may want to go grab a bite and get some rest at some fabulous restaurants around Tha Prachan and Tha Phra Athit.

Then, go on to the Giant Swing area. Here you will find Wat Suthat and Chao Pho Sua Shrine. This place also features great foods. One of the most popular is Mon Nom Sod where quality bakery and dairy products are boasted.

The last part of the tour is in Thonburi side of Bangkok. You can travel here either by boat or car. The other three places that you should visit are Wat Arun or Wat Chaeng, Wat Kanlayanamit, and Wat Rakang Kositaram. On the boat that Sukjai got on there are many foreign tourists. They all looked very happy and so impressed by the beauty of our country that they could not stop snapping photos!

If you have a chance to go on this trip, please come share your experience and photos at Sukjai wishes you luck and happiness throughout the year! See you!

Ancient event in the Northeast of Thailand


Phuk Siao or Friendship Making is an ancient and beautiful event for the people of I-san. It includes local silk weaving exhibitions, Red Cross Fair, silk pavilion, OTOP products fair, join the festival and try Northeastern style dinner on November 29, 2011 - December 10, 2011 in Khon Kaen, Tel 0 4324 4498 – 9

Who says you can’t come to Thailand?

       As you all know, some lower northern and central parts of Thailand are being damaged by floods. The destinations around the areas consequently have to be closed to visitors. However, for those who still have the heart for traveling and do not give up on their trips in this Land of Smiles. Sukjai would like to recommend some spots in Thailand where you can enjoy a getaway without the risk of being affected by the inundation.

       Starting with the central region, many interesting historical destinations from World War II in Kanchanaburi province are still available.You can also pay respects to the tallest stupa in the world, Phra Pathom Chedi, in Nakhon Pathom. Additionally, the famous Amphawa Floating Market and other areas in Samut Songkhram are still deluge-free. They boast a number of delicious Thai dishes. Or else you may like to appreciate the Tha Chalom Fisherman Village in SamutSakhon.

       In the northeast or Isan region of Thailand, there are many places open for you. Loei province features spectacular destinations such as Chiang Khan, Phu Kradueng, Phu Rua, and Phu Luang. Surin is another province where various historical sites can be explored, for example Prasat Muang Thi, Prasat Hin Ban Phluang, Prasat Ta Muang Thom. The Prasat Hin Khao Phanom Rung in the nearby province of Buriram is also a great place to visit.

       The all-time favorite for your trip in eastern Thailand can never be anywhere else but the colorful, cosmopolitan city of Pattaya. The downtown can be found in the beach location of Chon Buri province where beautiful islands of Ko Chang and Ko Si Chang are also highlights. Chanthaburi province, next to Chon Buri, is also another wonderful destination where you can enjoy natural wonders like waterfalls, beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries. The other place you should not miss is Koh Samed in Rayong, the number one island destination in eastern Thailand.

       There are so many other provinces in Thailand you can explore that Sukjai cannot list them all here. You guys can check out the available tourist spots in Thailand by following this link or call the TAT Contact Center at 1672 for more information. The friendly TAT staff is ready to suggest you all the safe places in Thailand that will suit your preference.

       See? There are lots of places waiting for you despite the tough time. The fantastic nature, unique culture and traditions, historical sites, and other destinations that cannot be fully appreciated on the Internet or books are still here. Pack your bags now and do not hesitate to come to Thailand! ^^