During Chinese New Year Festival, Thai-Chinese people follow these 3 days of traditional practice: Pay-out Day, Worship Day, and Go-out Day

Pay-out Day - is the day that Thai-Chinese people go shipping for foods, fruits, and other offerings before all the shops will close on the traditional New Year Day.

Worship Day is the day that people present offerings to gods and their ancestors.

At dawn, start the day by worshipping the Chinese gods with pork, duck, and chicken, together with liquor, and tea. Then end the morning ritual with burning silver and golden papers.

In late morning, people make offerings and pay homage to their ancestors. It is the Chinese way of expressing gratitude. After presenting offerings, the ceremony should always end with burning silver and golden papers, which is believed to be a way of giving money to the dead. After everything is done, family members join together and have lunch, and then it is time for exchanging the Chinese red envelopes.

In the afternoon, the people will perform another worshipping ceremony for the dead. The offerings are mostly basket-shaped Chinese pudding, sweet tarot, silver and golden papers, then end by lighting firecrackers to wipe away all the bad fortunes.

Go-out Day – is the real New Year day. It is the first day of year for Chinese people. On this day they give golden oranges to the older and ask for blessings in return. The reason why oranges are given is that the Chinese word for ‘orange’ is similar to the word that means happiness and good fortunes. The present usually contains 4 oranges wrapped in a handkerchief. The people refrain from doing bad things on this day, for example swearing, using brooms (believed to sweep good things out of the house). And they will dress with new clothes and go out to send their wishes to others and relax.

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