Relish the Siam Tulips

Hi everyone! Today Sukjai is taking everybody to Chaiyaphum Province for a peaceful retreat! Do you know any interesting attractions in this province? Yes, among the most famous ones is of course the Siam Tulip field!

The Siam Tulips, or Dok Krajiao in Thai, blossom during the beginning of a rainy season on highlands, like in Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Chaiyaphum. Around the period, the Siam Tulip Festival is arranged to attract tourists. The Siam tulips have pink and purple color shades, blooming all over the green field of the mountain areas in Pa Hin Ngam National Park. Covered in morning fog, the scene is most wonderful for shooting photographs.

This year, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is holding the ‘Siam Tulip Festival’ from June 1 to August 31, 2012 at Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Thepsathit District, and at Sai Thong National park in Nong Bua Rahew District, Chaiyaphum. The festival features various activities such as Siam tulip parade, walkathon for charity, and visiting many waterfalls. Sukjai would like to encourage everyone to visit this beautiful place before the rainy season is gone. Now it rains quite a lot in Thailand so take good care of yourself! See you again in the next post!

Appreciate the Northeastern Thai Culture at Jim Thompson Farm

Do you remember Wang Nam Khiao that Sukjai blogged about lately? Today Sukjai is telling you about the other place in northeastern Thailand that is near Wang Nam Khiao.

The place is Jim Thompson Farm. It dominates an area of roughly 10 Rais, featuring northeastern Thai architecture, precious culture and traditions. It demonstrates everything emerged from the folk wisdom of northeastern Thai people such as plays, foods, occupations, etc.


The highlights of Jim Thompson Farm that you cannot miss are the giant pumpkin, sunflower field, and the colorful cosmos field. They are so perfect for shooting tons of photos. And for those who favor salads, this is your heaven! Fresh organic vegetables are offered here.


As everyone knows, Jim Thompson is famous for its splendid silk products. So the procedures of silk production from nourishing silkworms to weaving silk and creating patterns are demonstrated here.

Before leaving you might as well want to pick up some fresh vegetables, souvenirs, and other products from here. But please remember, Jim Thompson Farm is only open from December to the beginning of January each year! Thus you have to wait for the next year to visit Jim Thompson Farm now. It is alright though since there are more than a number of places that you can visit in Thailand. Please keep the information Sukjai has given to you in case it comes in handy. Do not forget to take some photos for Sukjai if you have a chance to visit the beautiful Jim Thompson Farm!


For more info about the farm please visit

Chiang Mai Flower Festival on February 3 - 5, 2012
If you are obsessed with beautiful flowers and decorative plants, this is the festival for you. Experience these beautiful flower-decorated floats and a magnificent tapestry of floral splendor that blankets the land. There are also agricultural exhibitions, floral contents, and product sales by local groups of housewives.Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai Office 0 5324 8604, 0 5324 8607

Chiang Mai Flower Festival on February 3 - 5, 2012

If you are obsessed with beautiful flowers and decorative plants, this is the festival for you. Experience these beautiful flower-decorated floats and a magnificent tapestry of floral splendor that blankets the land. There are also agricultural exhibitions, floral contents, and product sales by local groups of housewives.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai Office 
0 5324 8604, 0 5324 8607

Travel in Winter

Story by Saisunee Singhathat
Winter, or more specifically cool season, is the time most preferred by Thai and foreign travelers, especially Thai people who would like to be touched by the cool breeze of winter. The four month period, usually from November to February, is when the northeastern monsoon overwhelms Thailand. The temperature throughout the country drops, particularly on highlands and mountain areas in the northern and northeastern regions of Thailand. The southern part, however, is likely to gain a higher amount of rainfalls during the cool season.

The tourists’ favorites for the cool season are mostly natural spots like national parks in the upper part of Thailand such as Doi Inthanon, Phu Chifa, Doi Pha Tang, Doi Mae Salong, Doi Tung Palace, Phu Luang, Phu Kradueng, and Phu Rua.
Apart from sensing the gentle wind at many destinations in Thailand, there are also a number of festivals arranged along the season, for example Chiang Mai Red Cross Fair, Sakura Doi Mae Salong Festival, Winter Flowers Festival at Phu Rua, Doi Pha Tang Festival, and many more throughout the period.

One of the most famous of all events held in the cool season is the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek. The year, the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek is grandly organized to celebrate HM the King’s 84thbirthday and all the Thai royal family members. The fair also shows off the potential of Thai agriculturists and helps boost Thai  Theeconomy and tourism. The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011 is scheduled to be held from November 9, 2011 – February 15, 2012 at Luang Ratchaphruek Park, Muang District, Chiang Mai.

The grand flora event will feature flower gardens from about 30 countries and more from 20 private organizations. It gathers more than two million plants within 10 main exhibitions. Moreover, there will be Thai cultural shows and performances presented in the event.
Should you need more information, please call the Royal Ratchaphruek 2011 contact center at (66)2 610 2011.

It’s so simple to go to Lopburi for Sunflower Festival!

As Lop Buri features a train station that is in walking distance to the citiy’s major attractions and accommodation options, train is the best method to get to Lop Buri, which can then be navigated on foot, by samlor, or by songtaew. Alternatively, visitors could rent cars in Bangkok or Ayutthaya and drive into and around Lop Buri. Sukjai has some information for you.

Getting to and from Lopburi 

By Train:

Most people arrive in Lop Buri via train from Ayutthaya or Bangkok. The Lop Buri train station is within walking distance to both hotels and the major historical attractions. 

Trains heading south toward Ayutthaya (1 hour) and Bangkok leave throughout the day, roughly every hour between 5am and 9.00 p.m. Rapid and express trains between Lop Buri and Bangkok take about three hours, while ordinary trains take about 4½ hours. 

Trains heading north from Lop Buri stop at Phitsanulok on their way to Chiang Mai. There are roughly hourly departures between 8am and 3pm and again from 8.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.

For more updated schedules and reservations, call 1690, 0 2223 7010, 0 22237020 or visit

By Car:

From Bangkok to Lop Buri, it is a two hour drive either along Highway No.1 via Saraburi (total distance is 153 kilometers) or Highway No. 32 to Ayutthaya and then along Highway No. 347 to Lop Buri via Tha Ruea District.

By Bus:

From Bangkok there are air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses that leave from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) every 20 minutes between 5.30 a.m. and 8.30 p.m. The journey takes 3 hours. Call 02 936 2852-66 for more information.

From Ayutthaya, buses leave every 10 minutes from Ayutthaya Bus Terminal to Lop Buri. The price is half of the fare from Bangkok.

Lop Buri can also be reached by bus from Kanchanaburi, Suphan Buri, Sing Buri, Ang Thong, and Nakhon Ratchasima.

Getting Around Lopburi

Many of the attractions around the old town are in walking distance of each other. To cross town there are plenty of songtaews running along Wichayen and Phra Narai Maharat Roads connecting the old and new towns. The cost is 5 baht per person. City buses are also available. It costs 4 baht per passenger. Samlors, bicycle-pulled carriages, will go anywhere in the old town for 30 to 50 baht.

*For Tourists who would like to move to /check in at hotels in unaffected areas of Bangkok or other cities of Thailand, Check out